School on Algebraic Geometry, 2-26 July, 2013.

School on Algebraic Geometry, 2-26 July, 2013
Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas de la UNAM, Campus Morelia

There will be 3 minicourses in the following topics: Birational geometry of moduli spaces, degeneration techniques for linear series on curves and moduli spaces of vector bundles on curves. This is intended for Ph.D students and young researchers. There will also be 6 speakers that will expose their own research on related topics.

Organizing Committee:

    • Claudia R. Alcántara, Univ. of Guanajuato.
    • Abel Castorena, CCM UNAM.
    • Pedro Luis del Angel, CIMAT
    • Graciela Reyes, CCM UNAM.

This event is sponsored by: CONACYT, CIMAT, CCM UNAM, PAEP UNAM and the MCA2013

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