Poster Sessions Tuesday

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SpeakerPoster Title
Alfaro Carlos  -critical graphs
Alvarez María Alejandra  On deformations of a family of 2-step nilradicals
Armas Sanabria Lorena Positive Artin presentations
Arredondo John Alexander  Dynamics in the Schwarzschild isosceles three body problem
Barreto Felipe Yadira Lizeth Moment-angle manifolds and higher dimensional contact manifolds
Cabral Figueredo Juan Carlos  The harmonic Ritz control strategy for restarting GMRES(m)
Caviedes Castro Alexander  Upper bounds for the Gromov width of coajoint orbits of compact Lie groups
da Silva dos Santos Eliane Hypersurfaces in and .
Dos Santos Luciano  Billiards on Surfaces of Constant Curvature
Francisco Albanez Débora Aparecida An approach for the Fourier Projections as determining modes.
García Salas Alma Itzel  Commutative Algebras of Toeplitz Operators
Gonzalez Vazquez Miguel Numerical solution of the Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations for a fuel cells model
González-Gaxiola Oswaldo  On the Time-Dependent Solutions of the Schrodinger Equation Through Lie Algebras
Lima Monteiro Lidiane Santos  Self-similar solutions for active scalar equations with higher-order couplings in Fourier-Besov spaces
Miranda Aldicio José  The presentation matrix associated to discriminant of co-rank one maps from to
Ocampo Oscar  Brunnian braids over surfaces and the homotopy groups of
Olivera Souza Taciana  New characterization of trivial maps in -dimensional real Milnor fibers
Ovando Gerardo  On the Quantum SUSY Treatment of the Position-Dependent Mass Schrödinger Equations
Pessoa Claudio Structural stable smooth piecewise polynomial vector fields
Pineda Inti  Mapping of diffusion in two-dimensional \\narrow asymmetric channels
Pintarelli María B.   Partial differential equations as inverse problem moments
Porto Daniella Approximation methods for impulsive optimal control problem
Puente Jesus  Algorithms for automatic 3D geometric morphometrics
Ramírez Maluendas Camilo  Veech groups in flat surface of infinite genus.
Reyes Ahumada Graciela C. On globally generated and very ample rank two vector bundles with canonical determinant
Roblero Mendez Eli Characterizing the exceptional Lie group trough its isometries
Serrano Rodríguez Diana Marcela There exist multilinear Bohnenblust--Hille constants with .
Severino Leal Ulcilea A.  Optimal Control Under Interval Uncertainty
Soontiens Nancy Trapped wave solutions to the Dubreil-Jacotin-Long equation
Vampa Victoria An Adaptive Wavelet-Galerkin method for parabolic partial differential equations
Vargas Magaña Marcos César Optimum perfect matchings in a weighted bipartite graph.
Vázquez Guevara Víctor Hugo  On a new Durbin-Watson serial correlation test for ARX processes in persistently excited adaptive tracking
Vera Gajardo Andrea  A Weil representation for the finite split orthogonal group ,
Vergian de Paulo Naiara   Hamiltonian dynamics near a saddle-center equilibrium
Wei Chen  Tsunami-Induced Gravity Waves: Time-Resolving Model and Early Detection